Esseti Plast GD.

Know how to anticipate market needs: a direct link between us and all our customers.

For many years Esseti Plast GD and its “colour technology” have been present on the Italian and international markets.

Founded in its innate vocation and vast experience in satisfying all types of colour need in the field of plastic materials, Esseti Plast GD has renewed its focus on art and creativity, having noted with interest the use of and experimentation with this type of material by an ever growing number of contemporary artists. In its collaboration with the Dialoga Arte agency of Gallarate, Esseti Plast GD intends to open up to the panorama of artistic expression, putting its technical knowledge at the service of the imagination and genius of creative minds, both the already well known and the emerging. The result of these artistic projects will become an integral part of the company's communication plans and will be presented to the public at the fairs, event and shows where Esseti Plast participates, in the name of an ever-closer link between Art and our company.